The Team 

Jermaine Byfield

Street Food Chef

Hi I’m Jermaine I was born and raised in Kingston Jamaica. I pride myself on preparing and cooking delicious traditional Jamaican food.

My drive and inspiration started with my late father Bertham Byfield who had his own set-up in Jamaica, It was a real street food set up that had people coming from far just to taste his food. He was an amazing chef and now his talent has now been passed down to me. I thrive on the drive on creating these exceptional dishes for all my customers, I believe in authentic flavours and traditional method of cooking these dishes. We believe in well source products, No twist Just cooking the natural way.

Gemma Gallagher

Street Food Planner

Hello! Thank you for visiting our website.

I'm Gemma, the Street Food Planner for Yaardhut.

Jermaine and I founded this company in 2018, stemming from his talents and enthusiasm in the Kitchen and my determination to share his skills!

My passion is sourcing, planning and executing a successful experience for our clients, and on most days I help out in the Kitchen!




Our event menu costs vary based on a number of factors, but as a general rule, the price is higher when you have more choices. If you're trying to keep to a budget, then it's best to choose one option from our mains and one from our sides. 

You can always be sure of excellent quality food and service regardless of your budget. We would suggest a budget from £15 per head for parties of around 100 guests. It would be a little more for smaller parties.


We specialise in a wide variety of events. So fill in your details below to receive an instant quote.

Our set up

To provide our famous Caribbean kitchen on wheels we require access to an outside area of the venue which has a flat and firm surface., Once set up the size of our truck is 6x3m. We are completely self-contained and can work virtually anywhere. We also will require access to a power supply and access to clean water if available.


 Biodegradable wooden cutlery

Biodegradable bamboo or palm leaf plates  

We supply all of our ingredients and dispose of any rubbish left behind

We'll leave the venue neat and clean 


Once we provide a quote, you can rest assured that it will remain fixed, without any additional VAT or other costs. 


To book the date, we ask for a 50% deposit. You can pay the remaining 50% a month before the event. 


Interested in Our Special Catering Services? 


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